Cindy grew up on a small farm in Minnesota. As a child, she spent most of her spare time outside with the animals gathering information about who they were and how best to interact with them through close and careful observation. Cindy considers time spent observing, interacting with, and training animals to be central to whom she is as a person.


Cindy has spent 30 years training and showing horses. This has included competing in equine distance endurance racing where competitions took her up to 100 miles at a time. She now enjoys trail riding with her retired endurance horse AJ with his donkey buddy Hudoo tailing them. Cindy has trained and competed in marathon sled dog racing. This took her up to 500 miles at a time and qualified her for the prestigious Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska. She and her German Shepherd Dog, Journey, have been certified as a Search and Rescue team and she is currently training Journey’s son, Thor, as a Search and Rescue partner. She also enjoys hanging with her retired Jack Russell Terrier, Piper, who has competed in flat racing, steeple chasing, barn hunt, go to ground and lure coursing.

Cindy practiced long term, acute and emergency room nursing for 19 years. During this time, she also was certified in Equine and Canine Sports massage through Equissage in Round Hill, Virginia. Her nursing background has given her the knowledge of physiology along with anatomy, biomechanics and many other skills which assist her in her practice today. In 1999, Cindy retired from her nursing career to practice equine and canine massage, acupressure, and holistic care exclusively along with advocating for animal and owner.

In 1990 Cindy opened the school of Supreme Motion where she taught Canine and Equine Sports Massage and Acupressure. She has successfully certified many very capable therapists who have subsequently opened their own practices. Cindy is also a Reiki Master Teacher. She was certified in 2004 through Willow Spring.

Cindy has presented clinics and lectures in Sports massage, acupressure, nutrition, fitness  and much more both locally but internationally. She continues to offer teaching and clinics in these areas today.

Cindy puts a high value on continuing education in her field. She knows how important it is to stay abreast of current news and changing therapies. She is now in the process of a Canine Fitness certification along with an advanced certification in Canine Nutrition specific to disease, which is a follow-up to her current Canine Nutrition certification.

In Cindy’s off time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, horseback riding, time with her dogs, hiking, backpacking, dog sledding, snow shoeing and reading.