We Specialize in the Athlete – Canine Wellness


dog-t-lNutrition should be your number one consideration in performance as it is essential to the healthy life of your dog. Your dog’s nutritional requirements change throughout his life so it is important that nutrition be evaluated on a regular basis. We can assist you in finding or developing the correct diet for your healthy dog and we are also available to assist your veterinarian by offering dietary support and advice when your dog is ill.


dog-t-rFitness also plays a key part in the health and performance ability of your dog. Both fitness and correct conditioning play a big part in the prevention of injuries. We can develop a program for your dog and teach you how to execute it on a regular basis so your dog can work up to his potential whether it’s during a performance event or while he’s playing in the yard.

Body Work

dog-b-lCanine athletes as well as companion dogs benefit from bodywork. It can enhance performance, aid in the prevention of injuries, and keep the dog comfortable in situations of acute or chronic pain. We offer Canine Sports Massage, acupressure, stretching techniques and Reiki. We can also teach you how to provide some simple techniques to assist in keeping your dog comfortable while progressing in a healing process.


dog-b-rConditioning, along with fitness, will help your athlete to perform with the strength and endurance it takes to excel in any dog sport. It will allow your dog to reach his optimal potential in his athletic years and will also allow him to age a bit more gracefully. We will develop a conditioning program for you and teach you how to provide this for your dogs. Conditioning will benefit all, from the elite athlete to the family pet.